1. noun
1) (a manner or way of doing something, eg writing, speaking, painting, building etc: different styles of architecture; What kind of style are you going to have your hair cut in?; a new hairstyle.) slog
2) (a fashion in clothes etc: the latest Paris styles; I don't like the new style of shoe.) moda
3) (elegance in dress, behaviour etc: She certainly has style.) stil
2. verb
1) (to arrange (hair) in a certain way: I'm going to have my hair cut and styled.) modno oblikovati
2) (to design in a certain style: These chairs/clothes are styled for comfort.) oblikovati
- stylishly
- stylishness
- stylist
- in style
* * *
I [stáil]
slog, stil, način (govora, pisanja, življenja itd.); dober, pravilen način; architecture slog; moda, model, kroj; sport stil, tehnika; uglajeno vedenje, fin način, okus, eleganca, imenitnost; (službeni) naslov, naziv, ogovarjanje, titula; economy juridically tvrdka, ime tvrdke; vrsta, kategorija; štetje časa (koledar); history pisalo, poetically pero ali svinčnik; igla (bakrorezna, gramofonska itd.); medicine sonda; kazalec sončne ure; printing stil pisanja in pravopis
in style — na lep način
in good (bad) style — (ne)okusno
the latest style — najnovejša moda
under the style of — pod naslovom (imenom, firmo)
a gentleman of the old style — gentleman stare šole
a squire of the old style — staromoden podeželski plemič
lofty style — vzvišen slog
New Style — gregorijanski koledar
Old Style — julijanski koledar
he has no right to the style of earl — nima nobene pravice do grofovskega naslova
she has not much style about her — ona nima mnogo elegance (okusa)
that is good (bad) style — to je dobrega (slabega) okusa
that's the style! colloquially tako je (prav)!
the matter is worth more than the style figuratively vsebina je več vredna kot oblika
my style is plain John Smith — moje ime je preprosto J. S.
to put on style American colloquially delati se finega
they live in fine (great) style — oni živijo razkošno
II [stáil]
transitive verb
nazivati, ogovarjati, da(ja)ti naslov, titulirati, naslavljati, imenovati, označiti; narediti (zasnovati, ukrojiti) po najnovejši modi; economy American slang delati reklamo za
the King's eldest son is styled the Prince of Wales — najstarejši kraljev sin ima naslov P. of. W. (knez Valizije, valizijski princ)
he is styled Sir — naslavljajo ga s Sir
to style a new type of shoe — uvesti, spraviti v modo nov tip čevlja

English-Slovenian dictionary. 2013.


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